Detroit Committee Arranges Dinner for Alumni and Guests on Night of November 9

All roads will lead to Ann Arbor next Saturday, according to information received recently from Harvard Clubs of Eastern and middle western cities. Many Harvard alumni who live in Boston, New York, Chicago, Cleveland, St. Louis, Milwaukee, and Cineinnati will travel to the game in special trains and cars which have been engaged by the Harvard Clubs of those cities; others will make the trip in automobiles.

The Harvard Club of Boston will run a special train for members and their guests, which will leave Boston Friday. The Harvard Club of New York City will have special cars on the "Wolverine", which will be added to the Boston train at Albany.

Cincinnati will send a special train to the game, bearing both Harvard and Michigan alumni. The Cincinnati Harvard Club, feeling that the number of Harvard men wishing to attend the game in Ann Arbor would not be large enough to warrant a special train by themselves, made a joint arrangement with the Michigan alumni living in Cincinnati, and secured a train for the exclusive use of Harvard and Michigan men and their guests. It is estimated that about 160 people will travel to Ann Arbor this way, a number so great that two sections will be operated by the Big Four Railroad. In addition to those who go by train, many will go from Cincinnati to Ann Arbor in automobiles.

On the special train to be run from St. Louis to Ann Arbor, Harvard men will greatly outnumber Michigan alumni, who will fill only one car. The party of Harvard alumni and friends will number about 80.

About 100 Cleveland alumni and their guests will make the trip; some will go in special cars which have been engaged by the Harvard Club of Cleveland, some by automobile.

There will be a special train from Chicago arranged by the Michigan Central Railroad for the Harvard Club of Chicago and all other Harvard men who care to join the party. A group numbering about 40 will travel to Ann Arbor from Milwaukee.

Detroit alumni who wish to attend the game may take advantage of a Michigan Central train leaving Detroit the morning of the game.

Plans for all special trains include leaving Ann Arbor shortly after the game Saturday in order to reach Detroit before 7.30 o'clock, when a dinner will be held at the Hotel Statler for all Harvard men and their guests. J. L. Valentine '98, vice president of the Central Division of Associated Harvard Clubs, will preside at the dinner.