Best Sketches are Those Made for the Murals of the Boston Public Library, "Fall of Gog and Magog"

Forty-one drawings by John Singer Sargent, largely studies in preliminary work for decoration, have been given to the Fogg Museum of Art, it was announced yesterday. The sketches were given in memory of Sargent by his sisters, Miss Emily Sargent and Mrs. Francis Ormend, through Thomas A. Fox.

Representing as they do the work of one of the most famous American portrait painters and mural artists, the drawings form an unusual collection to add to the treasures of Harvard's art museum. Most of the drawings are the preliminary sketches for murals in the Boston Public Library and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. One of the most beautiful drawings is that of Apollo in his chariot with the Hours, which forms the decoration over the staircase in the Museum of Fine Arts. Other splendid examples of Sargent's work are the sketches of the Danaides and the Winds, also used for decorations in the museum.

Of those made for the Public Library murals, the lunettes of the "Fall of Gog and Magog" are possibly the best sketches among the collection given to the Fogg Museum.

Officials of the museum plan to have the collection on exhibition in Gallery IX beginning tomorrow, to remain on display until December 13. There the exhibit will be open to the public.