Election Booths Will be in Harvard, Pierce, and Sever Halls--Will Use Preferential System

The names of 28 members of the Senior Class will be voted on today in the first elections held by the Class of 1930. Of this number, nine will become officers; three Marshals, and one each in the positions of Treasurer, Orator, Chorister, Ivy Orator, Poet, and Odist. The petition nominating Theodore Hall, Jr. '30 for the position of Poet was received by the CRIMSON too late to appear yesterday. His name will, however, appear on the ballots. In addition to the choosing of officers, members of the Class of 1930 will have an opportunity to vote on the constitution proposed by the Committee of Associated Harvard Clubs.

Three Voting Places

Booths for the election will be placed in Sever Hall, Pierce Hall, and Harvard Hall. Voting will take place for ten minutes before and after the hours of 10, 11, 12, and 1 o'clock. At each of the booths, there will be pictures of each of the candidates for the offices; and a printed copy of the constitution will also be posted. Among the more important points stressed by the constitution are the duties, and also the limits of the powers, of the secretary and treasurer; it also suggests that these officers be residents of Boston or vicinity, if possible; and it contains a clause stating that there should be rotating membership for the members of the Committee.

Preferential System Used

Each voter will place the numbers "1", "2", and "3", beside the names of the men he wants for First, Second, and Third Marshals respectively. When the ballots are counted, the three nominees receiving the highest vote will be elected to the positions. The votes will be counted on a preferential basis, first position counting three points, second, two and third, one. In voting for the other officers, members of the Senior Class will simply place a single cross beside the name of the man they wish to elect. The nominees with the largest number of votes will receive the positions.