The Student Vagabond

One of the favorite events on the Vagabond's calendar comes tonight at 8.15 o'clock in the Music Building when Mr. Arthur Whiting will give a concert of seventeenth and eighteenth century music in the twenty-third season of his Exposition of Chamber Music. These concerts are undoubtedly one of the best musical attractions of the Harvard year and the Vagabond anticipates an excellent evening of Bach, Handel, Mozart, Gluck, and the others.

Lectures of interest are:


10 o'clock

"The Rise of Christianity", Professor Perry, Emerson D.


"Caesar", Professor Moore, Sever 13.

11 o'clock

"The Temple of Wingless Victory", Professor Chase, New Fogg Large Lecture Room.

12 o'clock

"Shelley", Professor Lowes, New Fogg Large Lecture Room.

"Napoleon Ill's Foreign Policy". Professor Langer, Harvard 6.

"Transmission of Heat", Professor Black, Jefferson 1.