The Student Vagabond

Among the three hundred and sixty-five other days that come but once every year, the 22nd of February is one of the more pleasant variety. March has an unfortunate habit of producing such unpleasantnesses as theses, hour examinations and overdue blizzards in amazing quantity, and Washington's birthday furnishes a welcome calm before the storms.

Until tomorrow, however, there are plenty of events to keep the Vagabond's thoughts from turning to more frivolous things. At 10 o'clock in the Music Building the Darrell String Quartet will play selections from the works of Haydn, a concert postponed from last week. Government students have an attraction in the lecture to be given by Dr. Miller McClintock, Director of the Harvard Bureau of Municipal Research, on "Research Methods in Problems of Municipal Administration". It will be given in Harvard 6 at 2 o'clock.

At the same time in Emerson J, Professor Hersey is to give an illustrated lecture entitled "A Walk in Dickens Land". It will be accompanied by lantern slides of the scenes of various events in Dickens' novels. And finally those who are interested in French literature can hear M. Andre Chevrillon speak (in French) on the great critic Taine.

There is an abundance of other lectures well worth attending today, and everyone should be able to suit his fancy from the following list:


9 o'clock

"The Marriage Projects of James I", Professor Whitney, Harvard 6.

"The Police Power", Professor Holcombe, New Lecture Hall.

"Taste and Smell", Professor Boring, Emerson D.

10 o'clock

"Quartets of Hadyn", Darrell String Quartet, Music Building.

"Expansionist Sentiment after the Civil War", Professor Baxter, Harvard 2.

"Electro-chemistry-Faraday's Laws", Professor Black, Jefferson Physical Laboratory 1.

"Richardson", Professor Hurlbut, Sever 11.

"Russia's Near-Eastern Policy", Professor Karpovitch, Sever 25.