Recent Acquisitions are the Gift of A. H. Parker

Approximately 100 original drawings by Walter Crane which were used for the illustrations in two of his books have recently been given to the Treasure Room of Widener Library by A. H. Parker '97. These drawings are supplementary to a group of books and pictures by Crane and by Caldecott that Mr. Parker gave to the University last fall.

The present donation is of considerable interest. The drawings range from representations of antique textiles to exquisite chapter headings, from designs taken from the mosaics of the Baths of Caracalla in Rome to sketches similar to one entitled "William Morris speaking from a wagon in Hyde Park, May 1, 1894." The drawings were intended for reproduction and many of them bear, in the artist's handwriting, instructions to the engraver and frequently the words: "Return to Walter Crane: 18 Holland St., Kensington W."

The books for which these drawings were made are "Line and Form" and "William Morris to Whistler," both written by Crane and published in 1900 and 1911 respectively.