Captures Intramural Championship With Whirlwind Attack

Biling up a decisive lead in the early minutes of the game yesterday, the Gore Hall quintet defeated Falcon Club, 27 to 20, and captured the intramural basketball championship.

Gore opened with a whirlwind attack that did not give Falcon's defense an opportunity to organize itself. Led by the accurate shooting of Joseph Rauh Jr. '32, and the fast passing of the two forwards, the Freshmen easily broke through and scored frequently. At half-time the score was 16 to 9.

The contest closed the most exciting season of recent years. In the Fraternity League the races in the three divisions were hard-fought, and the later series to settle the fraternity title was fully as close. In the Class League, the winner was not decided till the final game, when the Sophomores vanquished the Seniors. Gore Hall, however, had a walk-away with the Freshman laurels, and later disposed of the Sophomores to earn the right to meet Falcon Club yesterday.

The summary of the game yesterday is as follows GORF HALL  FALCON CLUB Armstrong, l.f  r.f., Crawford Rauh, c.  c., J. L. Whitney Hagopian, l.f.  l.f. Richtmeyer Parmiter, Daly, l.g.  r.g., W. T. Whitney Daly, Gannon r.g.  l.g., Stone, Hooper

Score Gore Hall 27, Falcon Club 20. Goals Rauh 4. Armstrong 2. Daly 2. Hagopian 2, Gannon, Crawford 4. J. L. Whitney 2. Richtmeyer, Stone, Fouls Hagopian 2. Armstrong, Parmiter. Rauh. Crawford 2. J. L. Whitney 2 Time Two 20-minute periods. Referee A. W. Samborcki '26