1932 Seconds Encounter Engineers at Same Time to Avoid Confusion on Charles Saturday

The race between the second Freshman and 150-pound Freshman crews and the corresponding M. I. T. boats, which was to have taken place on Saturday will be held tomorrow, according to an announcement made last night. The change of the date was necessitated by the large number of races which are to be held over the Charles River course at that time.

At present little is known of the relative merits of the two second Freshman crews. The Harvard eight has acquitted itself creditably in the daily sprints which it has had with the regular Freshman crew, but it is considerably lighter than the Technology boat.

The seating for the two Harvard crews will be as follows:

150-pound Freshmen Stroke, 1, R. White; 7, E. A. Locke Jr; 6, B. C. Poole; 5, R. B. Montogomery; 4, L. M. Patterson; 3, A. D. Lincoln; 2, W. P. Bailey; bow, H. L. Warner; cox, A. H. Stebbins.

Second Freshmen Stroke, C. F. Adams Jr., 7, C. F. Hovey, 6, W. B. Trafford; 5, W. S. Thomas; 4, A. B. Crimmins; 3, R. A. Kent; 2, N. B. Talbot; bow, T. F. Covel; cox, S. A. Neill.