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Six Harvard scientific authorities, most of them from the Graduate School of Business Administration, were among the hundreds of economists, educators, engineers, and others who assisted in extensive researches lasting over a year which resulted in the publishing of the survey of the National Bureau of Economic Research and the report of the Committee on Recent Economic Changes based upon it under the title of "Recent Economic Changes."

This Committee is a sub-group of President Hoover's Unemployment Conference, consisting of a number of outstanding business and labor leaders of the country, with the President as chairman.

Dr. E. B. Gay, Professor of Economic History, as one of the research directors of the National Bureau, led in the extensive investigation conducted in behalf of the committee and his observations are published in the introductory chapter of the report.

Dr. M. T. Copeland, Professor of Marketing and Business Research had charge of the investigation on marketing. O. M. W. Sprague '94, Edmund Cogswell Professor of Banking and Dr. W. J. Cunningham, J. J. Hill Professor of Transportation, assisted in work in the fields in which they are authorities.

The other Harvard men who took part in the research were Professor N. W. Borden, Professor M. P. McNair '16, and J. W. Harriman, all of the Graduate School of Business Administration.

The Committee on Recent Economic Changes was appointed in January 1928 to make a study of economic conditions in the United States during the years 1922-1927 in order to appraise factors of stability and instability in the economic life of the country. The researches were completed March 2.

Three Harvard graduates were also on the committee. These were W. E. Brown '92, J. S. Lawrence '01, and E. E. Hunt '10, the secretary

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