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To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

As the CRIMSON has upon occasion surmised, the blanket application of the Reading Period to whole departments works a good deal of harm to undergraduates. An obvious case is the History of British Foreign Policy 1814-1914, where the Reading Period means not only losing the delights of episodes like Pilgerstein vs the Angel, but also relying on reading which is pathetically inadequate. A welcome exception to such instances has arisen in Greek B. A section faced with the prospect of tackling a new poet at practically each reading appealed in perplexity to its instructor to give some introduction of the strange authors and to explain away some of the difficulties of unlearned dialects. He responded by holding classes regularly during the Reading Period, and was met by the fullest attendance of the year. From bewilderment at dull dialects and a background not understood, his section passed to enjoyment of almost living poetry. For his sacrifice of time which he might have spent at his own tastes, for his generosity in responding to their appeal, and for his kind regard of their welfare, the members of his class extend their appreciation to Dr. C. L. Sherman. They think that he could have put no more fitting end to his teaching at Harvard, and that Amherst is to be congratulated upon securing him as professor. (Names withheld by request)

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