Second 1932 Crew Wins by Four Length Margin-Lightweights Lose by Two Boat Lengths

The second Freshman crew, and the first and second 150 pound 1932 crews opened their schedules yesterday afternoon by sharing honors with the corresponding M. I. T. crews over the mile course in the Basin.

Coach Haines' second heavy crew had a two length lead over his third eight at the finish line, which in turn led the second Tech Freshmen by an equal margin, the winner covering the mile course in 5 minutes, 45 seconds.

The 1932 lightweights, however, allowed a two length victory to their Tech rivals, while the second Crimson 150 pound crew followed another length, in the van.

The seating of the Crimson first 150 pound crew and the second Freshman were as follows:

150-pound Freshmen-Stroke, I. R. White; 7, E. A. Locke Jr.; 6, B. C. Poole; 5, R. B. Montgomery; 4, L. M. Patterson; 3, A. D. Lincoln; 2, W. P. Bailey; bow, H. L. Warner; cox, A. H. Stebbins.

Second Freshmen-Stroke, C. F. Adams Jr.; 7, C. F. Hovey; 6, W. B. Trafford; 6, W. S. Thomas; 4, A. H. Crimmins; 3, R. A. Kent; 2, N. B. Talbot; bow, T. E. Covel; cox, S. A. Neill.