L. L. Wadsworth '30 was chosen to steer the first University shell in the opening race with M. I. T. on Saturday, at a meeting of the first crew in the Newell Boathouse yesterday afternoon. The selection is temporary and will be in effect only for the Tech race, since the choice is being deferred until a later date. E. L. Belisle '31 will cox the Jayvee eight.

It was also learned yesterday that B. J. Harrison '29, who has been unable to row in the second crew because of a hand injury, will not take part in Saturday's race. The loss of Harrison has caused Coach E. J. Brown '96 to move C. E. Mason '30 from four to six, C. Mck. Norton '29 from two to four and E. L. Millard '31 from the class crew squad to the vacant berth at two. Norton who had been rowing at No. 2 in the first boat changed places with R. I. McKesson '31, No. 2 man in the second eight, a few days ago and this shift will be in effect for the race with the Engineers.

There has been no opportunity, on account of the strong winds, to go over the new course in the Charles River Basin, but the eights rowed separately and at a low beat from the start to the Harvard Bridge yesterday afternoon.

The crews as they will row Saturday are as follows:

First University-Stroke, S. W. Swaim '31; 7, W. T. Emmett '29; 6, F. A. Clark '29; 5, Allerton Cushman '29; 4, A. N. Webster '31; 3, L. W. Dickey '30; 2, R. I. McKesson '31; bow, James Lawrence, Jr. '29; cox, L. L. Wadsworth '30.

Second University-Stroke, P. H. Watts '31; 7, A. B. Rood '31; 6, C. E. Mason '30; 5, M. M. Johnson '31; 4, C. McK. Norton '29; 3, M. R. Brownell '30; 2, E. L. Millard '31; bow, C. N. Comstock '30; cox, E. I. Belisle '31.