French's Appointment Secures Unified Horween System

New Regime Points to Thorough Appointment of E. L. Casey '29 Four Year Development to University Coaching of Crimson Football Staff Significant

With the first practice for the Freshman football squad Monday the Horween system in its fundamental aspects under the tutelage of A. E. French '29, stellar captain of last year's Crimson eleven, and recently appointed head coach of the Freshman gridiron forces, will make its imprint upon the destinies of 1933.

For the first time a unified organization meets the combined football forces of the University. The Horween system, however experts and dopesters may define its defects or its assets will be afforded a complete tryout. The full potentiality of his coaching will be felt from the most insignificant freshman candidate to the star of the Crimson team, a training extending over a period of four years. What was felt to be the greatest asset to the great Notre Dame teams of several years ago, namely the long time period of training under Knute Rockne, will be in a sense realized at Harvard in this and in future years.

Coach French has much to live up to if one considers the record amassed by former Freshman coach E. L. Casey '19, who saw his eleven defeated but once in his three years as mentor and that in the fall of 1926, the first game the Freshmen played with Andover when they lost 6 to 0. But French has already behind him an experience that alone should insure his success, a character that made him known as one of the finest football captains, and the system through which he came to greatest prominnce under Coach Arnold Horween '20.

With assistant coaches Cleary, F. A. Pickard '29, last year's varsity end, and Rufus Bond '16, former backfield star on the University eleven. French has a well balanced and thoroughly capable staff of assistants.

In the past two years the first year men coming up to the University squad for their Sophomore year have been a potential factor in the team's record throughout the season. Of the 1931 squad A. W. Huguley '31, J. N. Trainer '31, B. H. Ticknor '31, T. W. Gilligan '31, S. L. Batchelder '31, C. F. Richards '31, Sumner Putnam Jr. '31, and J. H. Gildea '31 took a prominent part in the fall program from the outset of the season. From last year's Freshman squad a score more have already made their mark upon the University squad and the names of W. B. Wood '32, E. A. Mays '32, B. D. White '32, H. M. Myerson '32, and others promise to show prominently before the season is very far advanced.

It is significant that last year's Freshman coach Casey, is now with the University staff in charge of the backfield; for it is remarked by some that this move has been made with a view to the possibility of Horween's withdrawal from active direction of the Crimson team and the future appointment of Casey in charge of the Crimson gridiron destinies. Horween's business responsibilities have been demanding more and more of his time as the years progress and no little uncertainty was felt last year as to the possibility of his return for even one more year.

With the withdrawal of Horween from Crimson sports, a shadow looming ever nearer on the horison, Casey's promotion is a significant forecast for future Crimson elevens.