Will Stage One Production During Next Term--Certificates of Study to be Awarded

Three courses of instruction are to be offered this coming half year by the Cambridge School of the Drama, it was learned last night from a preliminary announcement of courses which is now in the process of publication. This booklet describing the new Thespian School contains a summary of rules governing the new institution, and the regulations concerning the conduct of the courses.

The courses offered are Playwriting, Play Production, and Contemporary Theatre and its Background. Professor Love joy, formerly of the University of Washington, will be in charge of the first two mentioned while W. P. Eaton 100, and Professor H. W. L. Dana '03 will supervise the latter course. They will divide the work, Eaton instructing in a survey of the American Theatre and Professor Dana dealing with contemporary European drama. Members of the Board of Governors of the School will assist Professor Love joy by acting as visiting lecturers.

Concerning requirements for admission the pamphlet says, "All regularly registered graduate students and all undergraduates in good standing in Harvard University and Radcliffe College are eligible for admission. Students not connected with Harvard or Radcliffe may be admitted in small numbers by satisfying the faculty of their special fitness." The enrollment will be limited. Three quarters of the number will be Radcliffe or Harvard students. All students are required to register at the office of the School, College House, not later than 3 o'clock on Monday, February 3.

The School intends to give opportunities for practical development through the performance of plays. The announcement concludes, "Plays will be performed for experimental purposes from time to time, although this will not be a prospected that one production will be prepared during the coming term, and not more than two each succeeding half year. These productions will be of plays writer in the playwriting course whenever possible.