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X Marks the Spot



In the same building where John T. Scopes taught his biology class the theory of evolution in violation of Tennessee law and brought on the famous antievolution trial, Bryan Memorial University will open for its first term next September with a faculty, each member of which will have affirmed his belief that the Bible is inspired and infallibly true.

A new building is to be erected immediately for the Central High School here, and the Board of Education of Rhea Country has voted unanimously to let the present two-story brick building to the Bryan Memorial University Association until the completion of the $250,000 administration building which is now going up on the eight-acre campus of the university. The Central High School building is on a lot adjoining the campus.

According to F. E. Robinson, president of the association which is raising $5,000,000 to build and endow the university, there will be no let-up in the construction of the administration building and it will be completed just as rapidly as possible from subscriptions already obtained from admirers of William Jennings Bryan. It will not be ready for use in September, however, and the opening of the school this fall is made possible only by arrangements to use the high school building. N. Y. Herald-Tribune

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