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TOMORROW Botany 3Botan. Mus. 27 Chemistry 5  Mallinckrodt MB 23 Chinese 2  Emerson J. Chinese 11  Emerson F Comp. Literature 30  Sever 17 Economics 2  Emerson J. Engin. Sciences 5a  Pierce 307 English 7  Mallinckrodt MB 9 Fine Arts 2a  Fogg Museum Fine Arts 5c  New Fogg Small Lect. Rm. French 18  Emerson D French 30  Emerson D German 1c  Emerson D German 4  Emerson D Government 1 Mr. Beard, B1, B2, B3  Memorial Hall Mr. Elsbree, E1, E2, E3  Harvard 5 Dr. Herring, H1, H2, H3, H4  New Lect. Hall Mr. Larkin, L1, L2, L3, L4 Mr. Maddox, M1, M2, M3, M4  Memorial Hall Mr. Putnam, P1, P2, P3  Harvard 6 Dr. Royse, R1, R2  Harvard 2 Mr. Shepard, S1, S2, S3, S4  New Lect. Hall Greek G, II  Sever 35 Greek 8  Sever 35 History 36  Sever 11 History 41  Sever 11 Italian 3  Sever 11 Mathematics A IV  Sever 32 Mathematics C IV  Sever 35 Mathematics 13  Mallinckrodt MB 9 Music 1c  Music Bidg. Physics 4a  Pierce 304 Physics 8  Emerson F Psychology 14  Emerson F Slavic 1a  Emerson D Spanish 2  Sever 17 2 o'clock English 41  New Lect. Hall Psychology 1 Arnold-Seaver  Emerson D Seggal-Zall  Emerson F Zoology 1 Abrahms-Renteria  Geol. Lect. Rm. Richards-Zoll  Sem. Mus.1 Zoology 3  Harvard 6

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