Play Informal Tilt With Schoolboys Today--Groton, St. Mark's, Middlesex and Yale on Schedule

Head Coach David Guarnaeeia will send 25 of his 150-pound squad to Wakefield High School today to play in an informal football game.

The squad includes the same players who held Milford academy to a scoreless tie last Tuesday. In the future the 150-pound team will play Groton, St. Mark's, Middlesex, and, in a final game, the Yale 150-pound team. No dates have been arranged as the schedule is indefinite as yet for this team.

At present only Harvard and Yale have 150-pound teams, so it is impossible to have a full intercollegiate schedule. In Harvard, this lightweight team is now part of the intramural program, but next year it is expected that it will become part of the intercollegiate program, when enough other colleges form 150-pound teams.

That a gap has been filled in the program of collegiate football is evident when the number of men who have reported for this team is taken into consideration. In both Harvard and Yale there is an abundance of men who are anxious to play football. Eighty candidates tried for positions on the University squad.