Concessions Include Eight Stands Run Entirely by University Students--To Grade Salaries on Percentage Basis

Organized under the direction of the Student Employment Office, the concessions at Soldiers Field have been expanded to do a larger volume of business this year, it was announced yesterday by J. B. Campbell '31, in charge of the concessions.

Employing over 40 men, all students at the University, the concessions will include eight stands located at convenient points under the Stadium. Each stand has a captain, under whom there are from three to five assistants. At the store house in the old cage, there will be a checker and his assistant, and an to take care of the provisions. Three runners will be employed to keep the stands supplied, as the volume of business is so large that enough provisions to last for a whole afternoon cannot be kept on hand.

Ginger ale and other soft drinks are the biggest sellers, closely followed by frankfurters. So far this year, the sale of frankfurters has tripled over the same time last year. A new process of cooking the frankfurters has been inaugurated, and arrangements have been made to do away with the trouble of having empty bottles lying on the ground and in the Stadium. All drinks will be served in paper cups, and no one will be permitted to take any bottles away from the stands.

A fixed sum has been put away for salaries, which will be graded according to a determined percentage. If the concessions earn more than the original sum for salaries, the surplus will be divided up among the workers on the same percentage basis as the salaries.