Eight Men Selected to Guide Destinies of 1934 Until Midyears--With the Proctors Form Executive Committee

Dormitory committee chairmen and treasurers have been named for the four Freshman dormitories, it was announced yesterday by the head proctors in the 1934 Halls.

Committees for the dormitories were selected some time ago and the chairmen were chosen as soon as possible in order to get Freshman activities started. Duties of the committees and chairmen consist chiefly of arranging for smokers, dances, and other business of the class.

The committee chairmen are as follows: Smith Halls: chairman, T. D. Pratt; treasurer, A. P. Smith. Standish Hall: chairman and treasurer, R. G. Ames. Gore Hall: chairman, H. A. Spalding; treasurer, W. F. Nichols. McKinlock Hall: chairman, Kent Sanger; treasurer, B. T. Elkins. Shepherd Hall: chairman and treasurer, C. V. Hubbard.

The four head proctors and W. B. Wood '32, chairman of the Student Council Committee on Freshman affairs, are in general charge of the Freshman class. These men together with the newly elected chairmen form an executive' committee until the regular class officers are elected by the class after midyears. It is expected that Wood will be able to announce the Red Book board, which edits and takes charge of the annual Freshman Red Book, the first week in December.