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"Conditions in China are now safe for a person to tour the country, but I certainly would not advise young students just out of college to go there with the idea of making an easy fortune," declared H. K. Murphy, now official architectural advisor to the Nanking government in China, when interviewed before his lecture in the Fogg Art Museum yesterday afternoon.

Murphy has made seven professional trips to China in the last 16 years. He has become greatly interested in Chinese architecture and sociological conditions there. He feels, however, that even though the country offers splendid opportunities, only experienced men should undertake any work in China.

When asked to comment on a recent book written by the chief correspondent of a New York newspaper, Murphy said. "I've only read half the book, and what I've read so far tells me that even though the facts as facts are perfectly true, I feel the author is reaching the wrong conclusions. This I cannot definitely say as yet, but while it is almost impossible to overstate the degree of suffering, even starvation, to be found among many parts of the population; and while no condemnation could be too severe for the selfish villainy of the feudal war lords, we must not lose sight of a proper perspective in the judging of these evils relatively to China as a whole."

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