New Plan Will Relieve Widener Staff and Keep Libraries Intact--Many Books Here Now

Complete authority has been given the Masters of the remaining five houses to select and order books for their libraries it was learned yesterday. This plan is different from that adopted by Dunster and Lowell Houses, whose libraries were obtained largely through purchases made by Widener.

The experience of the first two units has shown that another plan than theirs would facilitate purchases, and it is with this in mind that the other Masters have made their arrangements. Books are either being ordered direct from publishers, or through an agent. This method not only relieves the College Library of a great amount of extra work, but also allows each House to keep its purchases intact. Cataloguing will, it is expected, begin in the near future. It is hoped that all books will be on the shelves some time before the units are thrown open to undergraduates next fall.

Innovation at Dunster

A great many books for each House Library have already arrived, according to several Masters. They are at present stored in the basement of Widener Library, where they will remain until some place is provided for them in each new House.

The Dunster House Library has recently added to its general tutorial books a shelf of current literature, which includes at present about 30 selected modern novels, volumes of poetry, and critical works which are being widely read today. This innovation has been introduced in order to make the room a library for reading for pleasure as well as for study. An exhibition case, for the display of rare volumes has also been constructed.

The libraries of Dunster and Lowell Houses are gradually being filled. At Dunster the library is in charge of a committee composed of five undergraduate and four faculty members.