The Student Vagabond

Yesterday, the Vagabond was about to retire to some lonely spot in Somerville and cast his vote for the Grand Old Party, to which by nature and heredity he is naturally affiliated, when Professor Lake broke his nerve and his enthusiasm. In one brief digression, the dauntless archaeologist hewed the democratic system in pieces before the Lord. It seems that Saul. sensing that the Lord was somehow not at home, resorted to the time-honored method of casting lots to determine the guilty. This expedient, declared Professor Lake, has its modern counterpart in the casting of votes, whereby a question can be easily settled by taking the opinions of all those who know nothing about it Upon which, the Vagabond began to wonder whether, if Jonah were here today, even he would not shrink from walking the plank for the greater glory of the Demos.

Today, at 12 o'clock in Sever 11, Professor Matthiesson, in his own sure and sometimes clever fashion, will discuss Francis Bacon. The Vagabond shadders to think that somewhere in the feature the words. "the wisest brightest, meanest of mankind," may possibly appear. This seems to introduce Alexander Pope about whom Professor Greenough will talk today at 2 o'clock, also in Sever 11.

Other lectures of interest follow:


12 o'clock

"Francis Bacon," Professor Matthiessen. Sever 11.

"Early Portuguese Colonization," Professor Usher, Widener U.

2 o'clock

"Dante, 'De Volgart'. 'Eloquio'," Professor Elton, Sever 17.

4 o'clock

"Long time fluctuation of economic prosperity and inequality," concluded, Professor Sorokin, Sever B.


9 o'clock

"Contemporary American Poetry," Dr. F. I. Carpenter, Sever 11.

10 o'clock