Addition of Star Left Wing Gives Coach Stubbs Two Equal Forward Trios--Odds Rise on Yale Series

Harvard's hockey forces have successfully negotiated the next to last hurdle of their present campaign. They did this Saturday when they shut out the Big Green sextet, 4 to 0, to sweep the series with the Hanoverians. Now, except for a University club skirmish, only the high hurdle, the Yale series, remains.

The Crimson took Saturday's game with the Indians much more handily than the first encounter a little more than a week ago. The Big Green may have been handicapped by the change from natural to artificial ice but Harvard, on the other hand, was stronger than in the initial clash. Giddens had returned, and although the Ottawa ace made no spectacular individual plays, he added tremendously to the offensive cause and gave Coach Stubbs opportunity to send two practically balanced forward trios at the shaky Dartmouth defense. The Crimson mentor, went through with his proposed lineup switch, moreover, and shifted Cross up to the starting trio thus giving Putnam a chance to team up with Wood and Giddens. With the game salted away, however, Coach Stubbs experimented with several other combinations.

Yale Series Odds Almost Even

Harvard's victory although not brilliant, was more impressive than any previous win this year. Coming on the same day that Yale had trouble in downing the weakest Princeton team in years Harvard's odds on the impending series with the Blue drew almost up to the fifty-fifty mark.

Three of Harvard's four tallies came as a result of individual thrusts at the Dartmouth goal. Stubbs' opening period score was a terrific shot from around the blue line; then came almost identical plays for scores by the alternate centers. Garrison and Wood, about six minutes apart in the second canto. Both plays were similar for on both occasions the Harvard pivot man stole the puck away from Captain Hal Andres and then advanced towards the goal having the Sophomore Hawkes at his mercy.

The last score gave the assembled 8000 an inkling of Harvard teamwork as engineered by Crosby and Giddens. After Jeremiah had failed to register by inches on the best Dartmouth sally of the evening, Crosby and Giddens sped down the ice with the puck and a neat flip past Hawkes made Harvard's total four.

Ellis Shades Hawkes

The goalies duel was hardly as spectacular as expected with neither of the two net-defenders turning in as good a game as on the previous Saturday. Ellis made good all his saves, though a bit shaky on some of them, whereas Hawkes thrilled the crowd with some sensational stops but missed others that weren half as hard. Harvard proved the old axiom that a good offense is the best defense by continually forcing play.

The summary: HARVARD  DARTMOUTH Cross, Putnam, Everett, l.w.  r.w., Guilfoy, Rockh Garrison, Wood, c.  c., Jeremiah, Fisher Stubbs, Giddens, r.w.  l.w. Andres, Allyn Batchelder, Crosby, l.d. r.d.,  Johnson, Morton Cunningham r.d.  l.d., H. Booms Ellis. g.  g., Hawkes

Score--Harvard 4, Dartmouth 6. Goals--First period: Garrison (unassisted) 11.46 Second period: Garrison (unassisted) 6.56: Wood (unassisted) 12.24. Third period: Giddens (pass from Crosby) 7.23. Penalties--Johnson, Andres, Stubbs, Boones, Rockhill. Cross, Booms, Crosby, Rockhill, Referees--Ag Smith and Bill Stewart. Time--Three 20-minute periods.