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Mr. A. R. Rogers, the executive director of the Massachusetts Bay Tercentenary celebration, outlined the position of Harvard in regard to the coming exposition in a recent interview.

"Not only is this to be the celebration of the three hundredth anniversary of Massachusetts, but also of Harvard," the director explained. "In the various committees that will be formed everywhere in the country, there will be groups of those who have been educated in Massachusetts, and anyone may become a member if he comes under this educational group I have just mentioned Harvard is a real booster of the Tercentenary; alumni and students are automatically connected with the celebration, which is a meeting place of Harvard men," he added.

"All spots of historical interest will be put on exhibition, and Cambridge contains many such relies. The University will be a feature as if is the college of the Puritans, and the oldest American University. In a recent issue of a well-known magazine, a picture of Massachusetts Hall appeared, published in connection with the celebration.

"I do not know as yet what Harvard plans to do in the way of activities on the program, but President Lowell has assured me that he will do everything possible to assist."

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