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Marks in Shot, 300-Yard Run, Pole Vault, and Relay Fall During Meet


Scoring 10 firsts and placing in all but two events, one of the best balanced track teams the University has ever produced, buried Cornell and Dartmouth 63 1-2 to 30 to 22 1-2 to win its sixth consecutive Triangular Meet victory at the Boston Garden last night.

Four records were broken, one equalled, and upsets were numerous, as the Crimson ran up the highest point total ever amassed at these games. The most unexpected turn of the meet was the weak showing of the Hanover delegation in the running events, particularly the dashes and hurdles in which the Green was reputed to be strongest.

Cornell Cleans Up in Shot

In the first event of the meet held in the afternoon in the Briggs baseball cage, Cornell's three weight stars. Levy, Schoenfeld, and Wickham sent their team ahead by scoring a shutout in the shot put. Levy crashed the first record of the day when his best effort was good for 47 feet eight and one eighth inches, surpassing the record set in 1929 by Anderson, also of Cornell.

Vonckx Pulls First Surprise

Immediately following this record breaking performance. Harvard pulled the first surprise of the games when Vonckx, dark horse of the weight throwing group, hurled the iron ball through 51 feet, 4 1-2 inches of space and topped both Weis and Ellis of Cornell who were favored Every one of Voncky's efforts was better than the best throw any of his competitions could produce.

Crimson Sweeps Dash

Showing unexpected strength in the dashes the University running opened the evening by qualifying all four entries for the final best. F. V. Nissen '30, J. B. Hawes '32, and T. F. Mason '30 won their respective heats while in a race for second place men. A. L. Watkins '31 succeeded in beating out Stevens of Dartmouth, who was favored to win the event. Since only three places were counted in the scoring Coach Farrell held Mason out of the final, electing to save him for the 300 later in the evening. Nissen and Hawes fought it out for first, with the former winning by a slight margin. Watkins, favoring his injured leg coasted in several yards behind to give Harvard a clean sweep for this event. The time was 5 4-5 seconds.

Hurdles Big Upset

F. J. Mardulier '30 and E. E. Record '32 took second in their respective heats in the hurdles, thus eliminating all but one Harvard man, since only one could qualify for the final. Mardulier took this heat, thus putting him in the final heat with Heasley of Cornell, and Alcorn of Dartmouth. In an exceptionally close final heat which almost resulted in a tie, Mardulier nosed out the Ithacan, to win first place. Alcorn, the favorite in the event took third. The time was six seconds.

Rowe Takes Broad Jump

Rowe, the Crimson entry in the broad jump came within an inch and a quarter of the record for this event, to beat out Donner of Dartmouth who was a heavy favorite to clinch the first place. The Green jumper's best attempt was two inches short of the University man's winning leap, while Cornell's leading contestant, Williams, was nearly a foot under his figure. The winning distance was 23 feet, 3-4 inch.

Hallowell Takes Mile

N. P. Hallowell '32, B. E. Estes '32, and R. C. Aldrich '31 were the three Crimson runners in the mile, with Huckins of Dartmouth, and Hendricks and Martin of Cornell. Martin took the lead and tried in a vain attempt to draw the Crimson and Green runners out, but merely burned himself out. At the end of the eighth lap Hallowell went into the lead and was never again headed, finishing a good 20 yards in the lead. The real contest was between Estes and Hutchins, with the Crimson man after fighting his way into the lead on the last lap finishing several yards ahead of the Green runner. The time was 4 min. 28.

300 a Record Breaker

Considered before the meet as one of the feature races on the program, the 300 yard dash more than fulfilled the highest expectations. Run off in three heats, with the best times of the winners to be used in determining the allotment of points, the competition was so close that two records were broken and one tied before the final count was made. The first heat was a close race between Pratt of Dartmouth, and V. L. Hennessey '30, both of whom had tied for third in last year's meet. The Dartmouth man won by a stride, tieing the existing meet record of 33 4-5 seconds. The second heat was even more exciting with E. E. Record '32 and Austen of Dartmouth fighting for the lead throughout the entire first lap. The long strides of the Crimson runner began to tell on the Hanoverian on the second lap, however, and the former forged to the lead, finishing a good five yards ahead of the Dartmouth man to establish a new Triangular Meet record of 33 3-5 seconds. The third heat was a fight between T. F. Mason '30, Crimson captain, and Alcorn of Dartmouth. The University leader, not to be outdone by his teammate, led the Green man by a stride at the tape, and broke the new record established but a moment before, clocking the distance in 33 1-5 seconds. Alcorn's time was the same as Record's, with the result that the points were awarded to Mason, first, and Record and Alcorn tied for second.

600 a Thriller

Vernon Munroe Jr. '31, and F. E. Cummings '30 were the Crimson runners in the 600 yard run, matching strides with Captain Tremain and Elmer of Cornell and Langley and Cram of Dartmouth. Munroe took the lead at the outset, and for three laps gamely hung on, fighting off the many attempts of Langley to forge ahead. On the last turn, however, the Green runner came abreast of him, and 10 yards from the finish it seemed like a dead heat between the two. Cummings, however, who had been holding back in fifth position suddenly uncorked a beautiful sprint to cross the finish line a full stride in advance of both Munroe and the Dartmouth man. Langley took second and Munroe third, with the time 1 min. 15 sec. tieing that set by Swope of Dartmouth in last year's meet.

Cornell Surprise in Two Mile

David Cobb '31, G. N. Barrie '32 and J. M. Fox '32 were the Crimson men who answered the call for the starters for the two-mile run. Levering, who defeated Captain Reid of the University team last year. Ranney and Patterson were the Cornell entries, and Butterworth and Richardson wore the Green colors in the race. Levering took the pole, and held it for only a short stretch, losing it to Fox, who was closely followed by Cobb. On the last lap, with Cobb leading, Levering had the misfortune to snap the string of his trunks. Patterson, however, came forward and matched strides with the Crimson runner, finally breaking ahead to win by a scant four yards. Fox surprised all by uncorking a fine sprint which brought him ahead of Levering and into third place at the finish. The time was slower than expected, being clocked in 9 min. 56 4-5 sec.

Crandall Takes 1,000

One of the biggest upsets of the evening occurred in the 1,000 yard run, when Crandall of Dartmouth with a powerful finish, crossed the line several yards ahead of J. W. Fobes '32 the leading Crimson entry. Dulaff of Cornell after trailing for two thirds of the race, likewise forged ahead in the last lap, to head J. H. Pearson '31, who had been fighting for third position. The time was 2 min. 22 1-5 sec.

Relay Team Sets Record

Although given a substantial lead by Record, which assured him of the race, Munroe anchor man for the Crimson quartet was able to keep up a pace fast enough to establish a new Triangular Meet record of 3 min. 27 1-5 sec. for the one mile relay team. Hennessey, leadoff man for the University fought a fierce battle with E. B. Noyes of Dartmouth throughout his entire lap, finally handing over a slight lead to Cummings who was able to increase this over Alcorn of Dartmouth and Rosenthall of Cornell. Record, third man for the University team, receiving a lead of nearly 15 yards from Cummings, stretched this several more in his race with Alcorn of Dartmouth and Stegal of Cornell. Munroe held this and finished a good distance ahead of Pratt, the Dartmouth anchor, and nearly lapped the fourth member of the Cornell quartet in his victorious effort to set a new record for the event.

It remained for Oscar Sutermeister '32 and E. E. Colyer to break the other record in the field events. Both soared to a height of 13 feet 2 1-4 inches in the pole vault after C. E. Dunlap '30 and A. K. Noyes of the Green, had fallen by the wayside. Both men tried their luck at three inches more but it was a hit too high for both of them. The winning vault, however, was almost five inches better than the old mark established three years ago.

After the relay was over there was only one more event, the high jump, and as the spectators were clearing out Wickham, of Cornell, and Moody, of Dartmouth, took the jumps that tied them for first at 6 feet, 1 3-4 inches. Ebelhave, also of the Big Green, came in third with a leap just one inch less than that of the winners.

The summary:

35 pound Weight Throw--Won by P. N. Vonckx '31, distance 51 ft., 4 1-2 in.; F. J. Weis, (C), second, distance 50 ft., 4 1-2 in.; G. H. Ellis, (C), third, distance 45 ft., 9. in.

16 pound Shot Put--Won by L. H. Levy, (C), distance 47 ft., 8 1-8 in.; O. B. Schoenfeld, (C), second, distance 45 ft., 1 1-8 in.; J. S. Wickham, (C), third, distance 44 ft., 3 in. (New record).

Freshman 50 yard dash--Final heat--Won by J. G. Atkins (C), second H. Kolimeyer '33; third, N. P. Dodge '33. Time--5 4-5 sec.

50 yard dash--First heat: Won by F. N. Nissen '30, second, A. L. Watkins '31; Second heat: Won by J. B. Hawes '32, second, C. H. Meinig (C), Third heat: wo

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