Harvard Horsemen Defeated 10 to 3 in Intercollegiates -- Army Triumphs Over Favored Yale

Crimson hopes of again producing a championship polo team were dashed on Saturday night when the Harvard indoor players lost 10 to 3 to their Princeton opponents in a first-round match of the Intercollegiate Polo Tournament in New York City.

Coach Sharp's charges put up a strong defense during the first two chukkers, and the score stood 4 to 2 1-2 against them at half time. In the third chukker, however, the Orange and Black offensive hit its stride and Post broke away for three goals, which gave his team a commanding lead. Post, the outstanding player on the field, tallied seven times, while W. F. Luton '32 was the Crimson's high scorer with three goals.

Princeton's victory advanced them to the semi-finals, where they will meet the Pennsylvania Military Academy players whom Harvard defeated last year to gain the championship. On Saturday night the West Point poloists overcame a favored Eli team 9 to 7 1-2 to enter the finals.

The summary: PRINCETON  HARVARD Firestone, No. 1  No. 1, Luton Lemp, No. 2  No. 2, Nicholas Post, No. 3  No. 3, Cooke

Score--Princeton 10, Harvard 3, Goals--Post 7, Firestone 2, Lemp 2, Luton 3, Cooke, Fouls--Firestone, Lemp, Luton, Nicholas, Time--7, 1-2 minute chukkers Referee Kinney.