After Five Days on Water Men in Crews A. C. and D are Changed--Crew B Stays as Before

The University crews, after five days on the water, have been rearranged by Coach C. J. Whiteside.

The B crew, which is stroked by Morris Brownell, Jr. '30, with Captain L. W. Dickey 30, at 7, is unchanged, Changes have been made in the A. C. and D crews. T. C. T. Buckley '32, J. M. Erickson '32 and A. B. Rood '31 have been changed from the A crew to the C crew which is stroked by P. H. Watts '30. A. A. Campbell '30 has been changed from the D crew to the A crew.

The crews will row from the Newell boat house today at 4.30 o'clock in the following order: Crew A. J. E. Lawrence '31, stroke: H. W. Sturges, Jr. '30. 7: A. A. Campbell '30, 6; J. V. Veeder '32, 5; R. C. L. Timpson '31. I. E. L. Milliard, Jr. '32, 3: A. H. Parker, Jr. '32, 2; O. S. Wintringham '30, bow.

Crew B--M. R. Brownell, Jr. '30, stroke; L. W. Dickey '30, 7: A. N. Webster '31, 6: M. M. Johnson, Jr. '31, 5: Lawrence Grinnell, Jr. '31, 4; T. E. Armstrong '32, 3: J. W. Hallowell '31, 2: T. M. Page, Jr. '32, bow. Crew C. P. H. Watts '31, stroke; Amor Hollingsworth '31. 7: Rodgers Donaldson '30, 6; T. C. T. Buckley '31, 5: A. B. Rood '31, 4; J. M. Erickson '32, 3; S. W. Swaim '31, 2; R. T. McKesson '31, bow.