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The Student Vagabond


In addition to a recital--of which the program consisting largely of old church hymns and anthems is published elsewhere in today's Crimson--to be given by Randall Thompson '20 and members of the Wellesley Choir at 5 o'clock this afternoon in Appleton Chapel; lectures of interest to beginners today and tomorrow are as follows:


10 O'clock

"Anglo-American Fisheries Disputes," Professor Baxter, Harvard 2.

"The Time of Maximillian I and the Reformation in Austria," Professor Pribram.

"Thoreau," Professor Murdock, Harvard 1.

"Russia's Social and Intellectual Development in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century," Professor Karpovich, Sever 21.

11 O'clock

"Luther and the Radicals." Professor Merriman, Emerson J.

2 O'clock

"Marlowe's Poetry." Professor Rollins, Sever 5.

2 O'clock

"The Relation of Ethics to Politics." Professor Cabot, Harvard 6.

"Maimonedes' Proofs of the Existence of God." Professor Wolfson, Emerson H.


9 O'clock

"Louis XIV," Professor Merriman, New Lecture Hall.

"Comparison of Style of Le Notre with Earlier and Later Formal Garden Styles." Professor Pray, Robinson Hall.

12 O'clock

"Berlioz the Radical," Professor Hill, Music Building.

"Italy, 1870-1914. Imperialism and Emigration," Professor Langer, Harvard 6.

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