Complete List of Workers for Spring Drive Now Published--Meyer is in Charge of Campaign

The annual spring collection of the Phillips Brooks House has been scheduled to start next Friday and continue for one week according to an announcement made yesterday at the office of the secretary. Under the direction of B. C. Meyer '32, leader of the campaign, collectors have been appointed in every dormitory in the College, who will take care of personal soliciting.

The clothes and magazines gathered will be distributed first to needy students in the University; then the remainder will be given to welfare organizations in Cambridge. Following is the list of men who will take care of the collections: ANDOVER HALL Rooms 1-10--Leslie Frazer  1 Rooms 11-17--T. P. Fry  11 APLEY COURT Floors 1-2--D. J. Murphy  22 Floor 3--B. A. Fairbanks  21 Floors 4-5--John Todd  53 APTHORP HOUSE Whole house--F. W. Stetson  9-10 60 BRATTLE STREET Whole House--Claude Allen BECK HALL Floors 1-2--E. E. Wendell  32 Floors 3-4--W. Delano  46 9 BOW STREET Whole house--A. W. Huguley CHASE HALL A Entry--J. B. Lyman  A-11 B Entry--R. S. Makepiece  B-14 C Entry--G. Norris, D. Tucker  C-21 D Entry--W. L. Arnold  D-22 E Entry--Fred Grant, Jr.  E-14 F Entry--Robert L. Hatch  F-21 CLAVERLY Floor 1--J. M. Ansara  21 Floor 2--R. W. Chasteney  24 Floor 3--S. D. Clark  34 Floor 4--R. M. Caston  16 Floor 5--C. N. Haskell  33 CONANT Floor 1--J. Pelseneer  4 Floor 2--A. H. Ware  11 Floor 3--J. P. Wernette Floor 4--E. K. Sloan  4 DANA CHAMBERS Whole house--A. R. Maynard  49 DIVINITY HALL Floor 1--W. P. Brockway Floor 2--Gordon T. Bowles DRAYTON HALL Whole house--Balfour DUNSTER HALL Floors 1-2--B. C. Meyer  17 Floor 3--J. Wallerstein  30 Floors 4-5--J. M. Keller  17 GALLATIN A Entry--N. H. Gimmy  A-21 B Entry--I. D. Brown  B-12 C Entry--B. B. Crandall  C-30 D Entry--C. B. Sessions  D-36 E Entry--R. K. Giddings  E-12 F Entry--Gordon W. Bryant  F-41 GORE HALL A Entry--J. N. Jackson  A-14 B Entry--H. B. Janssen  B-25 C Entry--W. E. Halloway  C-43 D Entry--K. Meyers  D-11 E Entry--T. M. Hastings  E-35 GRAYS East Entry--A. L. Devens  1 Middle Entry--W. M. Dunn  35 West Entry--T. H. Culhane  50 HAMILTON A Entry--L. M. Abbott  A-24 B Entry--D. Sweeney  B-22 C Entry--S. Frame  C-13 D Entry--A. Royse  D-23 HOLLIS North Entry--W. E. Hook  30 South Entry--W. W. Ryan  3 HOLWORTHY East Entry--B. Barnes Middle Entry--H. P. Minis West Entry--C. M. Dunlap 99 BRATTLE STREET C. W. Lowry D. E. Mann 5 LINDEN STREET Whole house--Potter Palmer LIONEL North Entry--E. D. Emigh  4 South Entry--C. F. Hartnett  11 LITTLE Floor 2--A. M. Nutter  11 Floor 3--M. Brody  38 Floor 4--C. Gillespie  23 Floor 5--H. R. Elsas  42 MASSACHUSETTS East Entry--H. H. Tweed  13 West Entry--T. L. Jarman  24 MATTHEWS South Entry. Floor 1--D. Boyden  35 Floors 2-3--J. D. Frank  42 Floors 4-5--R. W. Perry  31 North Entry Floor 1--R. K. Gumm  1 Floor 2-3--L. Whittemore  16 Floor 4--R. A. Clark  19 Floor 5--P. S. Davis  25 McCULLOCH A Entry--P. N. Harwood  A-21 B Entry--W. S. Baxter  B-33 C Entry--J. A. Bliss  C-13 D Entry--F. Cramer  D-34 E Entry--J. L. Wolcott  E-31 F Entry--R. C. Fleck  F-11 McKINLOCK A Entry--L. A. Francisco  A-12 B Entry--F. A. Pickard  B-22 C Entry--McCormick  D-51 D Entry--E. Pope  D-51 MELLON A Entry--E. W. Sexton  A-24 B Entry--H. L. Hartman  B-35 C Entry--D. P. Farris  C-22 D Entry--R. A. Scott  D-34 68 MT. AUBURN STREET Whole house--Arthur Armstrong 52 MT. AUBURN STREET R. C. Champollion. MORRIS HALL A Entry--C. D. Smith, Jr.  A-21 B Entry--C. A. Valentine  B-22 C Entry--R. R. Levin  C-42 D Entry--G. E. Barnett, Jr.  D-38 E Entry--A. R. Mason  E-13 F Entry--C. Dennis  F-41 MOWER HALL South Entry--W. N. Middleton  2 North Entry--A. Masters  7 PERKINS 1-16--R. M. Lee  7 17-30--R. L. Fernald  23 43-69--J. S. Frame  67 70-83--C. W. Lightbody  88 RANDOLPH 1-16--J. B. Gregg  48 17-31--H. W. Sibley  3 32-47--C. F. Richards  36 48-70--A. B. Rood  7 RUSSELL HALL AND ANNEX Annex--D. Reisman  19 Hall Floors 1-2--T. C. T. Buckley  8 Floors 3-4--M. Hale  14 Floor 5--H. Doane  4 GEORGE SMITH A Entry--D. P. Dutton  A-11 B Entry--J. E. Beaumont  B-11 C Entry--J. E. Brooks  C-12 JAMES SMITH A Entry--Keyes  A-13 B Entry--Wills  B-31 C Entry--F. Dana  C-31 D Entry--P. Keller  C-32 PERSIS SMITH A Entry--B. H. Goldsmith  A-13 B Entry--E. Y. Hartshorne  B-22 C Entry--J. R. Hollis  C-13 STANDISH A Entry--Von Breesen  A-31 B Entry--J. Jackier  B-42 C Entry--R. Neff  C-23 D Entry--H. E. Hollis  C-51 E Entry--N. A. Johnson  E-41 STOUGHTON North Entry--M. V. Anastos  28 South Entry--Paul Hanson  24 STRAUS South Entry--C. G. Chase  3 South Center--D. Scott  10 North Entry--R. W. Hyde  25 North Center--W. Shippee  19 THAYER North Entry--J. Nazro  56 Middle Entry--H. Gustafsen  4 South Entry--D. B. Dorman  25 HARVARD UNION C. H. Welman  6 WALTER HASTINGS Floor 1--I. Light  7 Floors 2-3--W. J. Kyle  17 Floors 4-5--A. E. White  13 WELD North Entry Floors 1-2--Lowenberg  36 Floors 3-4-5--C. T. Murphy  39 South Entry Floors 1-2--F. N. Remick  4 Floors 3-4-5--C. A. Wheeler WESTMORLY North Entry Floors 1-2--A. Hill, Jr.  101 Floors 3-4--F. H. Gade  136 South Entry Floors 1-2--W. A. Love  125 Floors 3-4--Richard Scott  27


Alpha Sigma Phi--A. A. Campbell, C. Parker.

28 Plympton St.--Luther Gulick


Porcellian Club--Brewster Righter

Lambda Chi Alpha--Bud Harding