Melia Named Manager, Wootten and Mottla Publicity Leaders--Hurlburt Executive President

The announcement that R. A. Dunn '32 and Adele Wood, Radcliffe '30 will play the leads in the Harvard Dramatic Club's spring production of Galsworthy's "The Show" was made yesterday by O. V. Wootten '32, publicity director, who also gave out the major parts in the play together with the names of those serving on various committees.

The important players of the cast will be the following: Constable, R. A. Dunn '32; Darrell, P. G. Hoffman '32; Colonel Roland, J. F. Joyce Jr. '32; Anne, Adele wood R'30; Lady Morecombe, Jane Mast R'32; Secretary, Alice Mason R'31; Surgeon, E. R. Foster 3G.

Theme of the Play

The theme of the play is the publicity given by law courts and the press to private sorrow. Major Morecombe, an aviator with a distinguished record for heroism during the war, is found dead in his study, evidently a suicide. Starting with the first clue, that his wife had been spending the evening of his suicide with her lover, the police, aided by the reporters, work up sensational motives to explain the act. At the inquest the coroner's court is filled with curiosity seekers who regard the proceedings as a thrilling show. "The Show" was first produced at the St. Martin's Theatre, London, in July 1, 1925.

Many on Committees


The following men have been picked to serve as the production committee: manager, J. H. Melia '31; lighting, James Welsh '31; publicity, O. V. Wootten '32 and G. E. Mottla '32 subscriptions, C. D. Scully '31; makeup, Marshall Smith '32; programs, David Nathan '30; art director, R. J. Strauss '32.

The executive committee is composed of the following: president, Henry Hurlburt '31; vice-president, Leslie Cheek Jr. '31; treasurer, J. H. Melia '31, while the executive board includes Henry Wesselman '31 and Harold Adamson '31. The cast of the show, which is being given in the United States for the first time when the Harvard dramatists present it to the public, calls for 25 diverging types.