The Student Vagabond

There are quite a few lectures a lacarte offered for today and one table d'hote course as well. At 11 o'clock Professor Wright will discuss the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments, of interest now in connection with that other broken fragment of the Constitution which concerns itself with "Prohibition," while at 12 Professor Black will explain the reflection of light to those interested in that mysterious substance without which we could not go to college. At the same hour Professor Langer will go into the intricacies of the Bulgarian problem in Harvard 6.

The table d'hote dinner will be served in the New Fogg Lecture Room at 11, when Professor Edgell discusses Florentine Painting and incidentally the Italian Renaissance. Professor Edgell really belongs to that age--he is too versatile for this specialized era and can therefore enter with delightful intimacy into the life of Florence at its height. He jumps from architecture to sculpture to painting to literature to show that the seven arts can be handled by a modern Leonardo.


9 o'clock

"The New Society," Mr. Hammond, Sever 18.

10 o'clock

"Quasi-Judicial Administration Agencies," Professor Holcombe, Harvard 5.

"Independence of Mexico," Professor Haring, Harvard 3.

11 o'clock

"Florentine Painting," Professor Edgell, New Fogg Large Lecture Room.

"The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments," Professor B. F. Wright, Boylston 22.

12 o'clock

"Reflection of Light," Professor Black, Jefferson Physical Laboratory I.

"Francisco Laurana," Professor Post, New Fogg Small Lecture Room.

"The Bulgarian Problem, 1879-1886," Professor Langer, Harvard 6.