Long Live the King


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To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

It is a silent tribute to Mr. Curley's redoubtable power, that the daily papers, those undoubted true voices of the people, stood behind him in pouring down imprecations of wrath upon the editors of the Lampoon, who, it seems, pinched him where it hurt.

The daily newspapers, more circumspect than the impetuous Lampoon, dare not antagonize a whole political machine so smoothly oiled that a monkey-wrench in the Police works hardly interrupts its powerful grinding.

It is interesting, if a bit discouraging, to see them bow to the powers that be, as low as they accuse the Lampoon editor of bowing. We can only surmise their laughter up their sky-flung praises of our noble mayor. Or how they may wonder dubiously how much of the Tercentennial funds actually went to glorify the founders of this commonwealth, forbears of a race which has apparently relinquished the trying reins of Boston government to a more American type of statesmen.


Possibly a sense of humor would be dangerous to the intensity of conviction and idealism necessary to such statesmanship; perhaps a period of incarnation removes all traces of natural humor; at any rate the Lampoon seems to have been working in a sphere in which it is not appreciated.

Long live the King. (Name withheld by request.)