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Announcement was made yesterday at University Hall of a complete list of 21 members of the Faculty who will have leaves of absence either for the complete academic year 1930-31, or for the first or second half of the year.

Among those who will be absent for the entire academic year are as follows: John Livingston Lowes, professor of English, who will go to England for a year as the first holder of the George Eastman Visiting Fellowship at Balliol College; Oliver M. W. Sprague '94, Edmund Cogswell Convers Professor of Banking and Finance, who will serve the Bank of England as one of the staff; and Alexander von Stael-Holstein, professor of Central Asian Philology, who will continue his present leave of absence.

Other members of the Faculty who will be absent are: R. L. Hawkins '03, associate professor of French; W. C. Ford lecturer on Historical manuscripts; Daniel Sargent '12, instructor in history and literature; L. S. Mayo '10 Assistant Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; Alfred Kai-Ming Chiu, instructor in the Chinese language and literature; W. L. Langer '15, assistant professor of history; and Dr. A. C. Redfield '13 assistant professor of Physiology.

Six Away First Semester

During the first half of the next academic year six men will be on leaves of absence. They are as follows: Dr. D. L. Edsall, Dean of the Medical School: Andre Morize professor of French Literature; Charles Palache professor of Mineralogy; K. G. T. Webster '93 assistant professor of English: H. A. Wolfson 11, Nathan Littauer Professor of Jewish Literature and Philosophy: and W. E. Hocking 01 Alford Professor of Natural Religion, Moral Philosophy and Civil Polity. Hocking will devote his time to the writing of a book, "Principles of International Politics".

Five men will be absent during the second half of the next academic year. They are the following: C. H. Grandgent '83 professor of Romance Languages: J. J. Haffner, Nelson Robinson Jr. Professor of Architecture: E. S. Larsen Jr., professor of Petrography: H. W. Holmes 03. Dean of the Graduate School of Education: and Kirsopp Lake, Winn Professor of Ecclesiastical History.

Definite announcement of the names of the men who will substitute for the above named absentees has not been made in all cases as vet but will be in the near future.

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