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The Daily Princetonian will advocate this morning the resumption of athletic relations between Harvard and Princeton, While the CRIMSON, in its editorial columns takes a similar stand. Technical obstacles in the path of rapprochement are pointed out by both papers, but both hope that some way may be found by which these may be obviated and sporting agreements renewed.

This mornings's editorial brings to a head a movement which has been going on for several months between the two undergraduate publications, the Daily Princetonian and the CRIMSON, which have been trying to find some means by which the two universities could come together without loss of either pride or principle. Unfounded rumors in the daily press have stated that these plans have been shelved; this is not so, although it has been impossible as yet to discover a bridge around the technical obstacles. The statement that the movement for reconciliation was started by Nelson P. Rose, Chairman of the Daily Princetonian, is absolutely unfounded; all negotiations from the first have been simultaneous.

Good Feeling Prevails

For several years the feelings between the two undergraduate bodies, most of whom were not in college when the break of 1926 occurred, has been growing stronger for resumption of athletic rivalry, but the diverse policies pursued by the respective athletic boards of control have prevented any, except casual meetings on field or river. And although the break was caused by a combination of ill feeling and opposing interpretations of the Triangular Agreement between Harvard, Yale and Princeton, the present estrangement is laid to the fact that Director of Athletics W. J. Bingham '16 at Harvard will agree to resumption only on the short-term dual contract which is the basis of Harvard's relations with all colleges but Yale; while on the other hand, Dr. Charles W. Kennedy, Chairman of the Faculty Board of Athletic Control at Princeton, desires that relations be resumed on the basis of the old "Big Three" agreement, with Yale as a party to any arrangements made between the New Jersey and Massachusetts institutions.

Crimson Editors Interested

In an attempt to bridge the above-outlined differences as a step toward smoothing the path of resumption of relations, four editors of the CRIMSON--E. L. Belisle '31, H. A. Briuser '31, R. W. Chasteney, Jr. '31, and David Riesman, Jr. '31-- visited Rose of the Daily Princetonian on February 15. At that time they discussed with him possible solutions of the problem. On March 7, Rose came to Cambridge and talked with Director Bingham in a new move to resolve the difficulties, while in the next month Chasteney and Riesman of the CRIMSON met Chairman Kennedy and outlined to him possible programs of rapprochement These tentative moves are still continuing, but have as yet reached no practical solution.

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