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Saturday, May 31, will be set aside as Fathers and Sons day at Harvard for all Harvard alumni, it was announced yesterday by J.S. Noble '97, acting secretary of the Association of Class Secretaries.

Fathers and sons will go to Soldiers Field in the morning, at which time informal baseball games will be staged. All equipment necessary for the games will be supplied by the H.A.A. It has also been arranged that the new pool will be available for fathers and sons, so that they will be able to try out the spring boards and beginner's pool throughout the morning until 12.30 o'clock.

After the close of the morning program, a buffet lunch will be-served for the visitors either at the Union or at some dining hall to be announced later. For amusement during the afternoon the graduates and sons will be able to obtain tickets in a specially reserved section for the annual I.C. 4A track and field classic.

The plan of having an occasion like this originated in a desire of graduates having sons in college or preparatory schools to spend the day with them in Cambridge and become acquainted with the buildings, atmosphere, and life here. Several classes in the early 1900's conceived the idea of having committees appointed whose sole work was that of keeping track of the rising children among the members of the class. When the time was ripe for any son of a graduate to enter college, it was the duty of this committee to get in touch with the father of the boy, and to ascertain whether or not the boy was being sent to college, and if so, to what institution.

This plan has not obtained the desired results, and the reunion and field day scheme has been substituted. In this way it is hoped that graduates will once again feel the urge of the Harvard life, and will be able to view the great changes that are taking place here.

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