Boards and Billboards


Hollis -- "Dracula". Melodrama about a vampire. See last year's reviews.

Wilbur -- "Broken Dishes". Meekness and domesticity. The clever taming of a clever shrew.

Plymouth--David V. Bush will tell you how to grow brains and to love for $.50 to $2.00



Majestic--"All Quiet on the Western Front". Mud, love, and the Russian peasant in wartime.

Metropolitan--Clara Bow being true to the Navy. Too much of this already.

Olympia and Uptown -- "Journey's End". Englishmen dying on the Eastern front.

Loew's State--Marie Dressler is "Caught Short".

University--"High Society Blues". Janet Gaynor being wistful.

Loew's Orpheum-"Hell Harbor". Lupe Velez being dynamic.

R. K. O. Keith's--"Born Reckless". Edmund Loew rants through the underworld.