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Red Meat



This is the time of year when the Faculty (in the eyes of the harassed undergraduate) seems to have sprouted small but noticeable horns on their foreheads. A professor is so much "red meat." One cannot walk across Campus without feeling the almost uncontrollable urge to break the Sixth Commandment (Nope--"Thou shalt not kill").

The Princetonian cannot from the very nature of the case take a stand on this problem. It is too personal; it is something which every man must decide for himself. But we violate no trust, we betray no confidence, when we point out that according to Professors Dana G. Munro's and Raymond Sontag's "Middle Ages" university students in that period were required to sign a pledge that in case they failed a course they would not "use a dagger or knife on their examiner."

Professor Corwin, Constitutional Interpretation, assures us that no such provision could possibly be read into our present pledge (even by the Supreme Court). This is a very interesting fact. But as we have said, we take no stand on the matter. The Daily Princetonian

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