I Lift Up My Finger


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To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

An infant likes to express itself by making a noise. At an early age, a rattle is sufficient. Later on, much more ingenious methods as the tin horn or drum are resorted to, until wise parents are forced to restrain its wanton lust for noise, or it will become a public nuisance to everyone.

Some parents, over-indulgent or deaf, apparently, make no such efforts at disciplining their sons, for we are continually being beset by adolescent editions of the noise-loving child. The older this species grows, the more obnoxious it becomes. The worst manifestation, perhaps, is in the roaring of motorcycle engines or automobile motors with a cut-out.

It is true that some motors are difficult to warm up without being raced a bit, but the noise lovers, infatuated with their glorified rattle, do not stop at this, but race it again and again, to the torment of all within two blocks.


Persons of this type are doubtless too thick-skinned to appreciate the torture their infantile fun inflicts upon others, especially him who "was just getting to sleep." Perhaps, indeed, consideration for other people is something a little beyond their ken. But is it too much to hope that the engine, roarers will curb their childish selfishness after eleven o'clock at night, during examinations? Gregory Smith 2G.B.