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In an article in the June issue of the Good Housekeeping magazine entitled "Sheepskin Blues." Bruce Barton discusses that ever present question of what shall the college graduate do after graduation. For once it seems this topic is intelligently treated and the usual gloomy outlook that most of our pessimistic magazine writers inject in a discussion of this kind is lacking.

Mr. Barton dismisses those graduates who take graduation as a sort of release from the serious things in life and who now go out to occupy some small job, and he also passes over those who have prepared for the break with some careful thinking. The group he discusses is that one that has the "sheepskin blues". It is the bigger group and contains many of the prominent and popular men of the class. It contains those who "are blue because they do not know what they want to do, and bluest when they discover that their unpreparedness is a handicap in the location of a job".

Although the article is not exactly comforting to the men that fall in this category because of their indecision, it, however, points out that Time is one of the most powerful allies on the side of youth and that even those who suffer from this mania that Mr. Barton describes can succeed. Also to those who cannot find their proper business there is the phrase, "to every man who really gives his best, his own business is the most exciting and satisfying in the world".

Mr. Barton discusses from a new angle the "after graduation--what?" question and it is encouraging to see a modern business philosopher who has himself interviewed many college men take the attitude that he does.

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