Proposed Change Would Have Teams Eating at Houses--Players Ask That Present System be Continued.

Although there have been efforts on the part of the Corporation to abolish the Varsity Club training tables for members of athletic teams and have the men eat in the Houses there will be no change made in the arrangement this year. The matter was given a thorough airing at the stated meeting of the Committee on the Regulation of Athletic Sports on Monday night but it was decided then to maintain a resolution made last Spring which decided for the continuance of the Varsity Club tables for at least another year.

It was learned that men connected with administrative positions in the University desired to have the tables at the Varsity Club set aside this fall despite the vote taken last spring, but that members of present teams prevailed upon them to continue the existing system for at least this year.

At the present time men on the University and second University football squad and men on the University cross country team are taking their meals at the Varsity Club. The soccer team's training table has been discontinued this fall. The total number of men eating there is about one hundred.

The idea of having training tables in the Houses is not a new one, since members of the third University crew had their table in Dunster House for about two weeks last June. It has been suggested that the captain of the team could invite his teammates to take their meals in his House. It is understood that Athletic Association officials are willing to have the tables in the Houses. The dietitian formerly hired by the Varsity Club is now employed by the University for the House dining halls.

The Varsity Club is a graduate organization maintained by dues of its members. All men who make their letters on an athletic team are eligible for membership. It was founded in 1908.