Money Will be Divided Equally Between Presidents of Two Institutions to Use as They See Fit

In answer to the appeal made by the Harvard Student Council recently, the spectators at the Dartmouth-Harvard football game last Saturday contributed a total of $5,918.32 to assist in unemployment relief work. Half of this sum will go to President Ernest M. Hopkins of Dartmouth, and the remaining half to President Lowell for distribution to the unemployed as they see fit. The Harvard fund will be allowed to accumulate until after the games with Holy Cross and Yale. when it will be distributed according to President Lowell's discretion. Contributions to the fund from those undergraduates and alumni who will not attend any of the three games are being received by the Student Council through the Harvard Athletic Association. A number of contributions have already been received and will be included as part of the total Harvard fund to be distributed at the end of the season.

Since in many cases the collection boxes did not reach the spectators, plans are on foot to alter the methods of announcing and making the collections in order to insure that the maximum sum may be received. These arrangements will be announced on the day before the Holy Cross game.

Instituted by the Harvard Student Council as a part of the Harvard contribution to the present nation-wide drive for unemployment relief, the plan of making these collections at football games has received the hearty endorsement and pledges of cooperation of President Lowell, F. A. Delano '85, President of the Harvard Alumni Association, D. P. Robinson '90, President of the Associated Harvard Clubs and J. R. Hamlen, President of the Harvard Alumni Bulletin.