Harvard Team Drops Victory by Small Margin--Nearly Makes Touchdown in Third Period

Batting up and down a muddy field, and continually threatening each others' goal line, the Harvard and Dartmouth freshmen elevens played to a scorelesstie on Memorial Field at Hanover. Twice the Indian team penetrated deep into the Harvard territory, and each time when the resolute Crimson forces held them, the attempted field goals which missed the uprights by inches.

Late in the third period. Harvard's chances seemed good when J.R. Haley '35, quarter back, broke loose from his own 20-yard line for a gain of 40 yards. Repeated gains by a series of line plunges brought the ball to within 20 yards of the Dartmouth line, but at this point the Green defense strengthened and Harvard lost the balls on downs.

The summary:

Harvard O. Dartmouth O. Before A.R. Ayer. Umpire--R.V. Braff. Linesman--O. Tower. Field Judge G.T. White. Time--Four 12-minute periods.