In a kaleidoscopic panorama of red and yellow flares about a colossal bonfire in the middle of the College Green, 1000 undergraduates staged an old-fashioned football rally last night, rivaling those of the last decade, in which they lustily voiced their concentrated support to the Dartmouth football team which leaves for its annual Yale battle at 11.40 this morning.

The band led the parade around the Baker Library booming out college songs which were chanted by the torch bearers following in a colorful array some two blocks long. After a session of enthusiasiastic cheering about the towering bonfire, the crowd gathered around the speakers' platform where E.S. Judd '32, football manager, introduced Capt. Stan Yudicky, veteran end, who was greeted by tremendous applause. He gave a short talk in behalf of the players.

Next Coach Cannell gave a stirring speech which evoked an overwhelming ovation. He affirmed his faith in the desire of the student body to win from Yale as shown by their unanimous turnout. He said, "The team has suffered a stinging crack on the jaw but it is by no means folded up; they are now ready to hit back and in all my coaching experience I have never seen a team so determined."

To climax the rally a great firework display was set off at one end of the commons in glittering blue letters it flung forth the cry "Beat Yale" and 2000 throats took up the cry "Beat Yale." --The Dartmouth.