Meet in Langdell Hall Court-room This Evening at 8 O'Clock

The second argument in the quarter-finals of the Ames Competition for second year men in the Law School will take place tonight when the Bryce Club meets the Sayre Club in the court-room of Langdell Hall at 8 o'clock. The first argument, which resulted in a victory for the Pound Club over the Warren Club took place on Thursday, February 5. F. W. Andres 21, and F. S. Katzenbach 21, composed the team of the winning club, and were opposed by G. H. Ellis 2L and D. D. Gunn 21, of the Warren Club. The argument concerned a case now pending in the United States Supreme Court. The judges of the trial were Professor W. B. Leach Chief Justice, R. J. Cotter '02 and J. V. Spaulding, associate justices.

J. E. Benderson 21, and R. F. Stevens 21, will argue for the Bryce Club against J. F. Davis 21, and L. P. Schocne 21, of the Sayre Club in the trial on Tuesday. The Coram will be composed of Professor W. E. McCurdy '16, Chief Justice, S. H. Babcock, and R. G. Boyd '22, assistant justices.

The last two arguments will be held tomorrow and Friday of this week. To- morrow night, the Kent Club and the Scott Club will argue the Gallo murder case now pending in the United States Supreme Court. The Kent Club's counsel will be S. W. Pitts 21, and P. H. Rhinelander 2L. They will argue against T. H. Eliot 2L, and F. H. Sloss 2L, of the Scott Club. The Coram that will judge this case will consist of Professor J. J. Burns, J. W. Mahoney, and J. W. Flood '24.

The final argument will be between the Choate Club and the Lowell Club on Friday, February 13. The counsels for the two clubs are not yet known. The Coram will be composed of Professor Felix Frankfurter. Chief Justice, W. G. Thompson '88, and Robert Proctor, associate justices