New Harvard Center Tallies 11 Points for Team -- Farrell Follows With Four Goals

Harvard's basketball team defeated Brown by the comfortable score of 37 to 24 in the New Indoor Athletic building last night. The victory was expected, as the Crimson quintet has had two successes since its return from its basketball tour.

The high scorer of the day was M. A. Rauh '32, who played his best game of the season as center, running up a total of 11 points. The Crimson team was considerably strengthened by the return of Moushegian as right guard, a position which he does not, however, usually play.

The Crimson quintet ran up a lead of eight points in the first few minutes of the game, and held it all the way through the game, the score at the first half being 18 to 10.

Certain Paul Snyder was back on the Brown team yesterday as right forward, after a prolonged absence due to injuries. He was not, however, the high scorer for the Bruins, most of their points being made by Caulkins and Schein.

The Bruins seemed to have difficulty in penetrating the Harvard defense yesterday evening while the Crimson five were able to work their way down the floor with considerable ease, especially during the first half of the game.

Yesterday evening at New Haven the University second basketball team was defeated by the strong offensive tactics of a Yale team with a score of 31 to 29.

The summary: HARVARD  BROWN Pattison, Laud, r.f.  l.g., Schein, Mantel Farrell, l.w.  r.g., Hemelright Raul, c.  c., Sawyer, Skinner Moushegian, r.g.  l.f., Caulkins, Harris Huppuch, l.g.  r.f., Snyder

Score--Harvard 37, Brown 24. Goals from floor--Farrell 4, Rauh 4, Huppuch, Caulkins, Schein 3, Pattison, Moushegian. Hemelright 2, Sawyer 1. Goals from fouls--Rauh, Mousehegian, Huppuch, Snyder, Caulkins, Harris. Referee--Kelleher. Umpire--Kelley. Time of halves--20 minutes.