Accurate Survey of Shoreline is Aim of Medical School Professor--To be Accompanied by Students.

Dr. Alexander Forbes '04, associate professor of pathology in the Harvard Medical School is completing plans for an expedition to the northern Labrador coast. Starting from Boston on Tuesday, June 30, if conditions of the ice-packs in Northern Harbors are favorable, his erstwhile fishing-schooner, which will be called the "Ramah", will cruise up to Cape Chidley, which is north of the remotest mission settlement.

From here he intends to work up along the coast and into every fjord for about 200 miles, ice condition permitting, making short trips inland to the Torngat Mountains. The furthest point to be aimed at is Cape Mugford, just south of Ungava Bay.

This coast has never been accurately surveyed or explored, and is desolate and uninhabited. The chief object of the trip is to make an accurate survey of the northern Labrador coastline, and to bring back geological data of the region. The expedition will be run by Dr. Forbes, assisted by Harvard Medical students, and undergraduates. The survey work will be sponsored by the American Geographical Society, which is sending experienced surveyors and geologists on the "Ramah". Dr. Forbes will bear the expense himself, using a two-masted schooner, formerly owned by C. O'D. Iselin '26 of the Oceanographic Department, which is the veteran of many expeditions.

Dr. Forbes has had many years experience in cruising Canadian and American waters in the Atlantic Among his shipmates will be J. L. Madden '31, who has done considerable survey work. A well-known scientist, whose name has not yet been given out will be chief Geographer, representing the Royal Geographical Society of England.