Names Can be Added to List by Petition of 15 -- Committee Chairmen Elect Those Who Follow Them

Eight men of the class of 1932 were nominated yesterday for the elective offices of the Phillips Brooks House Association for the coming year. The election will start on March 24 and will be carried on for a week. All members of the Association are eligible to vote on the postcards which will be sent out.

The nominees are as follows: C. F. Bond '32, T. C. Buckley '32, N. N. Cochrane '32, G. K. Martin '32, B. C. Meyer '32, L. O. Paul '32, E. E. Wendel '32, and F. F. Wilder '32. The candidate receiving the largest number of votes will become President, the one obtaining the second highest number vice-president, and the man getting third place will occupy the office of Secretary-Treasurer.

Additional names may be added to this list of candidates by getting 15 members of the Association to sign a petition. Last year 394 members voted for the offices named above, with the result that E. S. Amazeen '31, Julius Birge '31, and T. W. Dunn '31 were elected respectively President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer.

The senior and graduate members of the Cabinet nominate all men for the elective offices, while the various chairmen of the committees are selected by their predecessors with the approval of the graduate secretary.