Head Tutor Reveals Plans for Conversion of McKinlock Into House Unit--Leverett to Have Large Dining-annex

Intended construction and alterations necessary for making McKinlock Hall a part of Leverett House next year were made public yesterday by Alan Evans '24, who is to be head tutor of the new unit.

The long one-story addition toward DeWolfe Street, which is now under construction, is to be the dining hall of Leverett House. It will be large enough to accommodate 260 men at one time. Numerous round, low windows will insure plenty of light, the openings towards the Charles River being sufficiently low that those seated within have a view of the river.

The rear of the addition toward Mill Street will contain a tutor's common room, a serving room, and the main passage to the Master's house, which is to occupy the second, third, and fourth floors of the new wing. From the dining hall, a covered passage will lead through what is now D entry into the quadrangle of McKinlock Hall. A small hallway will connect the present Common Room with this passage, the little doorway beside the fireplace in the southeast corner of the room, being the entrance. Thus one may pass directly from the Common Room into the dining hall.

The bookcases in the present Common Room will be panelled over, others will be removed, more comfortable furniture will be provided, and the whole room will be redecorated. Thus improved, the room is to become the Junior Common Room of Leverett House. The present dining hall, on the other side of C entry will return to its first use as a library. Changes planned include removing of the wall-panelling so that the bookcases may again be used. The hall will be redecorated and finished, the tile floor carpeted, and the serving room converted into stacks. The tunnel now connecting the serving room with the other Freshman dormitories will be cut off, and another branch under Mill Street will run into the new dining hall.

In addition, a group of rooms on the second floor D entry are to be converted into guest rooms, and the six-room suites on the top floor of D and E entries split up into smaller divisions.