Pick Eleven Backs and Ten Forwards as Second Squad--Meet Boston Club Tomorrow

Announcement was made yesterday of the selection of 11 backs and ten forwards to comprise the University second rugby squad. The first jayvee game will take place at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon with the recently organized Boston Rugby Club.

The following men have been chosen as backs: Philips Finlay '31, B. A. Nichols '34, M. M. Slack '32, R. B. Bates '33, J. H. Rowell '31, A. W. Sherman '34, B. D. Smith '34, J. M. Ossorio '33, G. P. Earling '34, G. E. Ray '32, J. E. Beaument '33

The forwards are as follows: R. B. Leman '32, W. M. Osborne '34, G. A. Reilly IL. G. R. White IG B. S. A. Hokanson '33, S. M. Wheeler '32, M. B. Graves '32, D. C. Lssh '31, I. L. Oppenheimer '34, and F. A. Gilbert '34.

Four men have been chosen as reserves on the University team: P. M. Sheldon ocC. A. G. Draper '32, J. A. Potter '34, and R. W. Moore '33

Fifteen members of the U. S. Marine Rugby team are due to arrive in Cambridge late tonight for the contest with the University ruggers tomorrow Since the game will be the first of the sesson for both teams, each is expected to put on a special effort in order to make a good showing in the initial contest.