The Crimson Playgoer

Viennese Waitz, Unusual Musical and Photographic Effects in Film at Fine Arts Theatre

A Viennese setting, two excellent sopranos, a well chosen male cast, and a waltz of Strauss-like sweep form the main attractions of this modern German film.

Acting either in the interests of those whose training in German has been neglected, or more probably for the purpose of enhancing the abundance of music that is included in the film, the producers have employed the simplest of plots. In brief, a celebrated Viennese composer who is working on the score of a new operetta has all the music completed except the customary waltz, which his producers demand, and which for some reason or another he is unable to create, despite the fact that the words have been already written by the librettists of the production.

This situation heralds the entrance of the heroine, who in this case is an attractive young lady with a well filled out torso which is a pleasant change from the streamline beauties commonly seen in American motion pictures. In a touching scene in which there is a great deal of German whispered and a great many enchanting looks exchanged, the young lady inspires the composer to produce the superb waitz which has been eluding him for months, and his problem is solved.

Throughout the film, there is a foreign touch of carefully planned artistry o both a musical and a scenic nature which cannot fail to please the jaded palate of one who has seen too many of the American efforts. In directing their production, there has been no attempt made to have actresses with poor voices assail the higher ranges of the diatonic scale, as all the singing is done with a thought for beauty to tone and cadence. Abounding in music, which although not great, is yet of a high character, the directors have handled their sound effects with complete success. For one interested in the types of making, here is a movie that abounds in well-chosen characters of all kinds, their make-up cleverly applied, with the exception of the hero-composer, whose grey locks of middle age and a life as a musician are clumsily applied in amateurish fashion quite out of keeping with the handing of the other details.